Noteworthy food products sourced directly from Vietnam, Mexico and beyond.

Our Products

Vietnam is well known for certain commodities. It is our goal to organize Vietnam’s capabilities and quality resources into a product offering exclusively for the US food retail market.

Please see our products page for some of Vietnam’s finest food products.

Our Service Commitment

Secured Procurement, Logistics, and Freight.

Vida Food Group is capable of handling the entire process from concept to delivery. We specialize in supply chain development and connecting clients to factories through our systemized approach in sourcing, screening, and prequalifying. Our relationship with our international partners will ensure a stable and secure pipeline.



With a strong international network we will assist in sourcing your specific needs. From raw materials to finished goods, we do it all. The unique option of Vietnam land use or selected farming production is an available to our clients that meet certain requirements.

We are well experienced in international exports to the United States. Our group will manage client transactions by coordinating shipping documents between parties to ensure clients receive timely information and delivery of goods.


Sales Support

Our team is readily available to provide sales support on all fronts. We are happy to act as an intermediary between client and factory to streamline the process.

VFG is a licensed brokerage. We effectively represent clients interest, holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards. It is part of our values to operate transparently with proper disclosures when representing buyers in dealings with sellers.

Exclusive Buyer Representation

About Us

Vida Food Group, LLC (VFG) is a California based company that offers quality food products sourced directly from reputable vendors in Vietnam. We are a premier food supplier with a strong Vietnam network that enables international clients direct access to business development.
We pride ourself on the ability to provide around-the-clock service and understanding the complexities of doing business abroad. As a direct source and process controller, our clients benefit from competitive pricing and first-class service.
We hold a high level of professional standards and are dedicated to servicing the fiduciary duties of our clients. Our mission as an international food supplier is to source quality food products and deliver on high expectation. Our vision is to unite trade through our exclusive product offerings. With our value proposition, our goal is to assist clients with their supply chain needs.
Vida Food Group, LLC works in conjunction with various affiliated companies. We are multinational; multi-lingual; and have extensive experience in international business and management. With a combined experience of over 20 years in international trade and logistics, we are confident we can service the highest demands of all clients!

Our Team

Tyler Nguyen

Chief Executive Officer

Andy Muñoz

Chief Marketing Officer

Mike Do

Chief Operations Officer

Why Vida Food Group?

Supply Chain Reliability

Licensed Professionals

Insured and Reputable Company

Secured Sourcing

Quality Products

Diversification in Product Offering

Competitive Pricing

Exclusive Representation

Complete Logistics

International Presence and Network

Multi-National and Multi-Lingual

Streamline Process Control

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For interested clients, we will arrange site visits to Vietnam or samples.
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